Child Pietro Maximoff waking up early on Saturday mornings to make himself a bowl of Cereal and turns on his TV to watch Cartoons and discovers Sonic the Hedgehog and immediately wakes up his mother and drags her out of bed by her pants leg to show her and whispers to her excitedly “He’s just like me, momma! He’s fast, like me!”


erik doing his best to shield all of his thoughts because he’s terrified charles will read his mind and find out how much he loves him and it’ll ruin their friendship

charles never ever reading erik’s mind other than the most superficial of surface thoughts because it’s easier to be able to hope that erik loves him than to know for sure that he doesn’t


Adventures of Single Dad Erik and his goddamn unruly children


Concept Art: Guardians of the Galaxy

I love playing roles that are physical, absolutely love. Whether it’s just that kind of basic level of physicality or whether it’s stunts.”

I kind of get obsessed with roles. Acting for me is about disappearing - if I’m absorbed, it always feels good.”

For those who fight for it. Life will have a flavour the sheltered will never know.

Emily Browning for i-D Magazine, 2014


harry is d e a d